During the Immersive Course, AXSOS Academy will provide transportation to its students. Unfortunately, this is will be only available to students who live within Ramallah.


During the Immersive Course, and since your days will be extremely long, AXSOS Academy will provide basic housing for those who live outside the Ramallah.


We will take applicants’ health and ability to learn very seriously. AXSOS Academy students during the Immersive Course will be offered three meals a day prepared by our in-house chef. The meals are carefully planned in order to supply you with adequate protein, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates so that applicants don’t have to worry about exhausting their brain or body as they create their future.

Labs with Computers

The Labs (classrooms) will be fully equipped with computers and all the bells and whistles needed to conduct the course so applicants don’t have to bring their laptops! All we need to work on their dream of becoming a Software Engineer is the full attention!

Your Mind And Body

As applicant’s days will be long, we ensure that their mind and body are treated in a manner that can support their learning. Applicants will experience a variety of activities that are designed to relieve their stress and help keep their minds sharp and ready. From meditation to yoga, we will take care to provide students with an environment that promotes the absorption of continuous learning.


The Immersive Course can be quite stressful due to the amount of information you students will be required to digest in short periods of time. Students’ days will be long and some might find this difficult. The stress is not limited to students. Even the staff encounter tough days and need to express their frustration. So they don’t have to keep the pressure inside themselves, we will provide an in-house counselor who is ready to listen and give you advice.

How To Ace An Interview In The Modern World

Applicants will not only learn how to write a meaningful CV. As part of their training, applicants will be coached on how to enhance their interviewing skills in order to accurately convey their personality, abilities and technical skills. Just as importantly, and as part of the 21st-century requirements, we will help applicants develop and update their online presence on a variety of platforms including Quora and LinkedIn.

Enhanced Technical Mentoring

During the Immersive stage of applicants course, they will not only be trained using the latest technical curriculum alone. Mentoring by market experienced Software Engineers from AXSOS in Germany, Palestine, and Greece will be baked into the applicant course. With this, applicants will gain valuable knowledge in how to incorporate what they have learned using methodologies applied by real companies in the real world.

21st Century Soft Skills

In the real world, employers do not only seek technical proficiency. More crucial are the soft skills that companies would like to see in their staff. These range from the ability to teach, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and many more. During the applicant’s journey, these skills will be integrated into students’ daily schedules to make them one of the most wanted programmers on the market.

Visiting Tech Mentors

We will have an exchange program whereby highly experienced developers come from all over the world to share their experience and help applicants get an in-depth understanding of what students are learning and how to apply it. They take time off from their work and fly to Palestine just to be with students, share their culture and experience