Be Prepared

Increase your knowledge, increase your chances to join the Academy, Improve your skills to increase the chance to join the Academy, poor English is the most common reason applicants are rejected. 




English Ability

English ability correlates strongly with success in our program so we highly recommend you improve your English before applying. If you are less than B1, you should consider enrolling in an online self-study course.

Useful links to improve your English language:
Test your English now!


Technical Skills

Regarding the technical aspects of the program, check out some of the sites below that will help you improve your skills in learning programming fundamentals, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript .


Soft Skills

Soft skills are very important to enroll you in the market with full confidence, companies are looking for great soft.  Soft skills include many different skills. They allow you to:  

  • Deal with adverse conditions. 
  • Interact with others in the best possible manner. 
  • Motivate the people around you. 
  • Build lasting relationships.