Launch of Youth Coding Program – AXSOS Academy

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Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayeh Launches the Youth Coding Academy

On Thursday June 18th, 2020, at the Prime Minister’s office, and with the attendance of the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Mr. Osama Al-Sadawi, the Tele-communication Minister, and the minister of Education and higher education. Dr. Mohammad Shtayeh announced the launch of the Palestine Youth Academy, executed by AXSOS Academy, which intends to graduate 6,000 software engineers in 3 years.

Dr. Shtayeh spoke about the importance of advancing the Tech market in Palestine, and the vision for Palestine to become an outsourcing hub.

After Dr. Shtayeh, the Minister of Entrepreneurship spoke about the partnership between AXSOS and their ministry, to empower youth in and provide employment opportunities through the program.

Finally, AXSOS head of digitalization, Mr. Jamil Isayyed gave a presentation about the program execution and the content of the training. In the presentation, Mr. Isayyed explained how the scaling of students and cohorts would go from 60 students to over 1000 students within the first two years. “We want to create a market of software engineers in Palestine that does not only compete on price, but quality and specialty.” – Mr. Jamil Isayyed.

The Youth Coding Program is expected to start on August 1st, 2020 in Ramallah, training 60 students for the first cohort, and increasing the number to 120 by November, 2020.